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Switching Contract Owners!

  • 7 September 2014
  • 2 replies

Need to change the one of the phones over to someone else. He is still currently using the phone but no longer lives with us and will just make it so much easier if it goes into his name! Is it at all possible to switch it over to him or do we have to pay the phone off completely then switch it over?

2 replies

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Yes, you can transfer the owner to the other person. Call Koodo at 18669956636 and tell them you want to start a "transfer of ownership". They'll ask you for the persons name and then the other person is suppose to call Koodo (since they have the phone, they can dial *611 from the phone) and they will be asked for two pieces of ID to do a credit check and if it goes through successfully, the line will be transfered to their name. A $25 fee will apply to the new owner.
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Or you can present yourself in store with the 2nd person and this will process will be free!