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Switching companies

When switching cell companies, is it possible to keep the same number? And if I get a new phone with a tab, once a tab is over, the bill lower?

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Hi Jennie,

Yes, in most cases you can keep your current cell number. The associate at the Koodo retail location will be better able to assist you with that.

As for the tab: currently, the tab is an added fee on your plan. If you put 360$ towards the tab, you pay an additional 15$ per month on top of your plan's price for 24 months, or until you pay off the tab and then that 15$ per month disappears. 
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Jennie Please keep in mind that when you switch your phone number over, it is important that you DO NOT cancel the other number first. Koodo (or any company) can not move that number if it is not active. Porting the number (moving it from one provider to another) takes between 30min to 3 hours (unless it is moving a landline to a cell, in which case it takes 3 business days). You can have the koodo associate check with the porting department and they will get confirmation that it is being ported. Some information that you may need is the exact name on the bill (ie. if your bill were to say John Q. Public, you could not just say the name is John Public), your account number, or the PIN number that is on the account. Hope this helps