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switching account from freedom mobile to koodo

Hello, I just switched from Freedom Mobile to Koodo Prepaid. I am just wondering whether I have to go directly to Freedom Mobile and ask them to terminate my account? Because I was trying to send message using my new Koodo sim card and the strange thing is the message that my friend replied is sent to my old Freedom Mobile sim card. Does that mean my old Freedom Mobile account is still not yet terminated? Also, how do I know if my phone number is successfully changed to my koodo account? Thank you.

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Did you port your Freedom number or get new one? As long as your account is still active when you switch you don't have to ask them to terminate your account. It will happen automatically after successful porting to Koodo. I am not hundred percent sure if you switched from prepaid to prepaid or monthly to prepaid. In that case rules could be a little bit different. I am not sure about it.
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It can also take up to a few days for everything to switch over to your new account.
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Turn off your freedom phone and then power cycle (turn off and on) your new Koodo phone.