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Switched to Koodo, now data won't work

I just switched my unlocked (bell) phone to Koodo. It's a Samsung Galaxy S2. Everything seems to be working (calls/texts) except I don't have any data use. I've tried switching my data network on and off and still nothing. What should I do?

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Create new Koodo APN if not yet done, set it to "sp.koodo.com" http://koodomobile.com/en/on/switch2koodo-step-3-c.shtml
Hi Kelly it is very simple. you have to create an Access point name with the following settings Name: KOODO APN: sp.koodo.com Proxy: Port: 80 Username: leave blank Password: leave blank Server: leave blank MMSC: http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc MMS Proxy server: MMS Port: 80 MCC: 302 MNC: 220 Authentication type: None APN type: Internet + MMS