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Switch from pre-paid to monthly plan help!

I currently have a prepaid plan with Koodo and a fully paid off Samsung smart phone I am looking to just purchase a monthly plan and not a plan + phone but that is the only option I get when I try to purchase just a plan online. The only option I am getting is to "add a phone" but I already have a phone and do not want to purchase another one.

How do I go about just purchasing a plan from being a previously prepaid customer?

Thanks in advance!

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You'll have to call customer service to open a postpaid account and port your prepaid number to it either then or after that over your self serve account that you'll have to set up. It can also be done at your local Koodo kiosk
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Hey there! You would need to pass by a Koodo kiosk http://koo.do/1YM8LhV since you need to purchase a postpaid SIM card which is not available online. Have a great day 🙂
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Also, they will run a credit check to open a monthly/postpaid account.
So don't forget to bring proper ID.