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Switch from Galaxy s3 to iphone, will I need a new plan??

Hi 🙂 So I have a samsung galaxy s3 and was planning to switch to iphone, but I was wondering if I would be able to keep my current plan. I still have 50 dollars left on my tab and i have a 39 dollar plan. Would I be able to keep it or would I have to switch to a more expensive plan?

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It's depends if you are getting your iPhone from Koodo or not. If you are buying a phone from Apple (or second hand), all you have to do is pop your sim into it the new phone. You may need a nano sim as all iPhone since the iPhone 5 use them). If you are getting a iPhone from Koodo you have to pay off your tab first. Then you will have to choose between buying the phone on a SIM tab (300 dollars towards your device that you pay back over 24 months at $15 a month), or if you want a larger subsidy you will to pick a tab plus plan, and pay and pay a additional 21 dollars a month for24 months,
Okay thank you 🙂 so the smarter plan would probably be to buy the phone from apple and switch over the sim card, that way i could keep the plan i have now?
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If you really want to keep your plan, in both cases you would need to pay the phone full price. So yeah, better get it unlocked at apple. If you want to switch plan for the new ones if they are attractive enough, you would be better buying it from Koodo.