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Support still hasn't messaged me back

In my last post https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/getting-a-new-phone-today-why-cant-i-use-the-same-number-or-plan?rfm=1&topic_submit=true , they said that they would contact me, but they still hasn't, i don't want to miss the deals. Can someone help?

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You messaged them via FB?
yes, thats what they told me to do?
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Hey Smorgan.

We received your message on Facebook. We will reply shortly.

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Hey Smorgan - the reason for your issue is because your current plan doesn't meet the minimum spend requirement for tab large. In order to get the tab L discount on the phone, your monthly plan needs to be a certain amount(dependant on your province). If you don't want to change plans then the only tab you're eligible for is tab s at the moment.