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Strangers claiming that I called them when I didn't?

I've had my number for about 6 months now and recently signed up with Koodo to get a new phone (yay) and this has never happened to me before, so I'm kind of confused. Basically, I've gotten two guys who have called me saying that I left a garbled message and someone saying I was on their call history. I'm not a phone talker and have definitely not called these people so I want to know what's happening. I need to answer my phone all the time for work, even if I'm off the clock. Usually, it'd be employees calling me so I don't have their numbers on my phone so I can't distinguish a disgruntled stranger from a coworker. I also found it weird that my last caller called me back after being on his call history at 9 PM on a Saturday. I guess some people call back unknown numbers to nag them as to why they're on their phone history? How do you even get on someone's call history if you've never called them? I want to know how to stop this from happening again because it's kind of annoying.

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Sounds like someone is spoofing your # Read this explanation in the background section at the top http://www.fcc.gov/guides/caller-id-and-spoofing
Happened to me as well!! Super weird and inconvenient..
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Only way to stop the calls to you is to change your number.