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Store won't help me

The abbotsford 7 oaks koodo mobile center has not helped me. I brought a broken charger in (it charges but makes a vary highpich sound) and they would not replace it. Said a manager would call me, no one ever did. I came in again and they talked about me like I was not there. My charger gives my wife a headache and I can't charge my phone in my bedroom. LG G5 travel adapter model MCS-04WDE

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Try calling the manager of the store and explaining the situation. You can also contact LG and see if you can get them to send you another charger. In the meantime you could head over to any box store in the mall and pickup a generic replacement charger. Look for one that matches this one. 5v @ 1.8a
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how long ago did you get your phone? I don't think a koodo kiosk can do much for you. like Chad said, you'll probably need to get a hold of LG if it's still under warranty. even then, it'll probably take some time to get a replacement. any electronic store will sell universal chargers that you can use. they are as cheap as $6 at Walmart.
October 1st came in on the 15th (still October) to get it replaced, then the 22nd after no phone call
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Hey Wille! Did you get any update yet? If not we suggest to give them a call and ask to speak with the manager.  Thank you!
The manager was vary helpful and I think was on holidays