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Why do you phone me up asking un-answerable questions for a customer survey on my cell phone on the weekend bothering me? How would you rate the time you spent waiting to get your phone? Well, in a perfect world the moment I walked up to the keyosk, they would have the phone that I want ready and installed for me with an account fully and correctly setup so all I need to do is hand them my credit card and take my fully setup phone home. That would be EXCELLENT. But then there is reality and you are not the only customer there. They do need to enter and setup the account and phone. So does reality make the service that you were given any less? Then you get asked why your thought the koodo rep who helped you was excellent. So you list out 5-6 reasons only to be told that they didn't bother to actually type in what you said and please repeat yourself. Have you not heard of recording the phone call. Or better yet, send me an online form and I will type in my own answers when it is convenient for me to do so rather than bothering me in the middle of the day on my weekend with my family.

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If you don't want to be called for marketing purposes, then call Koodo and have them indicate that on your account. You can request that you not be contacted. Easy as that, Matt.
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I figured that out and did call Koodo to get removed from their marketing calls. I would not have minded the call as much if it was asking things that were no so subjective. They didn't ask things like: Was your purchase experience at the koodo store a good one? Would you recommend Koodo to your friends? Was the Koodo rep knowledgeable and friendly? These are things that can be answered with a yes or a no.. and if the answer was no, then they could have asked why. Rather they ask for things in a range from Excellent to Awful. So I could have had a good purchase experience, from a friendly and knowledgeable rep and want to tell my friends to buy from that store, And still rate everything as Good as my subjectively I don't give an excellent rating unless someone goes well beyond the call of duty and I am completely blown away in awe over how exceptional the service was. 'ie, I went in for a phone, and they threw in a free case, wireless charger, screen protector and a free extended 5 year warranty.. WOW that was not expected and boy and I happy I shopped there!'