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stolen phone, need a replacement.

Hey, I've had my phone stolen about a month ago. I'm ready to replace it and would like to have a koodo-employee walk me through please. I need this done as soon as possible. best regards, Kirill

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Hello Rabbi. You would need to go in-store and buy a new phone + SIM card! Or you could order online.
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I'd visit a Koodo store where you can use your tab towards the purchase of a new phone. Keep in mind that any existing tab needs to be paid off before your start a new one -this last little tidbit is a CRTC thing!
Thanks for the quick response Robert. What might a sim-card cost? do I have to pay physical dollars if I choose a phone such as iPhone 4S 8 GB (which is advertised to be $0 under the medium tab?)
I'm essentially looking for the most cost-efficient option; I'm already paying for 2months of billing without actually having a phone.
I have a blackberry cruve 9300; a family member's older phone that they do not use; would it be cheaper to get a sim card for that? what is the MOST COST EFFICIENT option? Also, Cameron thank you for letting me know. I've just paid it.
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Hi Rabbi, you could buy a SIM card ($10 online or in store) for the Blackberry but you must make sure it's unlocked if it's not a Koodo model. Since your Tab is paid off, you could indeed get the iPhone 4S for $0 with the Medium Tab. A $5 monthly Tab charge will apply. With the Medium Tab, you can keep your current plan if it's at least $30. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.