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Still having email issues

Still problems with emails. I have my internet with BellAliant (fibreOp). I have my email address setup on my Koodo phone. When i first set it up, it was working fine. Then after a few weeks, i would get a sent email failed. Someone on this support board suggested deleting the account and setting it up again. I did. All worked fine for a week and a half. Now back to the same "failed" error. What gives?

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What phone do you have? Do you have all the updates installed on your phone?
as far as i know this phone is fully updated. I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 Joe
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OK, let's try this. 1) reboot your phone and send emails 2) if #1 doesn't work, clear your cache, after you clear your cache turn it off and then back on
ive done #1 a couple times. Ive now deleted my email account from the phone. Ive had way too many issues with email with Koodo. Im now considering switching providers. Too much work to get email on this phone. Too bad as ive been with Koodo for only 4 months
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I feel your frustration but have you tried clearing your cache? Welcome to the world of smartphones where some tender loving care with the settings is called for:). You may want to look into an Android forum there are hundreds out there and they'll probably tell you the same thing. Switching providers isn't going to get rid of this problem
Ive had blackberry, iphones in the past and never had one problem with them. My last carrier was bell and i had the iphone 5 which i regret selling. Im considering going back to Bell and the Blackberry Z30 which had great reviews. By the way, i emailed Koodo to see what they can do. Hopefully something good will come out of it