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Speech Recognition on Koodo Self Serve App

I think it would be neat to create an interface on Koodo SelfServe app on Android and Itunes that with a simple click of the button, or when you say ‘Hola, El Tabador’ or ‘Ok, Koodo’ activates speech recognition. Then you can ask questions such as
 -       “How much is my next bill?
-       “When’s my next bill due?”
-       “How much data have I used?”
-       “Show me the latest promotion plans.”
-       “Where is El Tabador right now?”
-       Alternative question would prompt a search and results from the Koodo community pages or Koodo’s website.
 For simple answers, El Tabador can respond to the questions above in his voice (ie Your next bill is $45.20, El Tabador is sleeping).
 This idea is great because it will save time typing and makes the app more fun to use. Your friends will be totally jealous when El Tabador can talk back to you.

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