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Spam Calls

  • 28 August 2014
  • 9 replies

I am constantly getting automated spam calls and text. The number is 0112508196069. Koodo please get these blumpkins.

9 replies

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I have found sometimes that I'll get calls from a Bill Collector who has an office in Toronto (416 area code), and instead of the call coming through as 1-416-xxx-xxxx it comes through as 011-416-xxx-xxxx as an attempt to confuse me. The reason I say this is because I did a look up, an there is a 250-819-6069 that belongs to Telus in South Kamloops BC. That was the only thing that would come up when I searched. Otherwise it'd be a number from Rwanda, as +250 is the country code. the number would be 011-250-819-6069. I'm not doing the research to see if that is how the phone numbers in Rwanda are formatted, but I highly doubt it. I'm guessing it's Telus's Accounts Receivable using a different way of reaching you.
The best way to deal with this problem now is to block the number through your phone. I have an Iphone 4s: Phone app> Recent Calls> Select the Blue 'I' beside the time of the last spam call> scroll all the way to the bottom where it says 'Block this Caller". If it is only this one number this should fix your problem.
I answered the call and it's an automated spam Westjet/travel offer. They are spoofing the local area number but likely calling from outside of the country. I have a Nexus 5 so I'm not sure if it allows blocking. I'll check thanks.
Just received another call. Computer voice saying I won a Westjet trip. 011 250 819 4848.
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Koodo can't block the number for you. Did you try to block the number with a call block app? There are many "Calls Block" apps to choose from. I'm using the Calls Blacklist and it's works for me 🙂
The problem with blocking the number on the phone is that the spammer can still leave voicemail. How do we stop that? I'm going crazy with spam calls from 1-866-865-2422 every day.
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The problem with blocking the number on the phone is that the spammer can still leave voicemail. ...I'm unaware of a way to stop spammers from leaving voicemail 😞 the only thing I can think of is having your voicemail full ( 10 messages) maybe someone else will have an idea and chime in 🙂
There are some number blocking apps that can accept the call and hang up right away so they can't leave a voicemail. Look at different number blocking apps to see which one offers that feature.
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On many later android phones, you can set up a call reject list. Hitting the settings button while you have the phone app on the screen should give you a number of options. Depends on what the phone mfgr decided to implement.