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sony z1?

hey i was wondering if you guys are going to bring the sony z1 in for the holidays, ive heard koodo is going to bring in a sony phone in the near future will it be the z1 and when?

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Yeah Koodo won't comment on this for "competitive" reasons. Your only way of knowig is to tune in to the fb page and wait for an official announcement, if any. Where did you hear they were gonna get a Sony phone btw?
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I can almost guarantee you they won't. Rogers even got dibs on the purple and black colours, and Bell got white/black colours, but Telus only gets black. Koodo has never even carried any Xperia model before, so I don't see it happening now. Honestly the only Sony Android I see them carrying is the Xperia M or something.
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Well... you never know Jonathan. Everyone has been clamouring for variety for a while now. I like to tgink Koodo likes to surprise us. 🙂
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I could be wrong, but I would expect if Koodo got one it wouldn't be a flagship, but more of a mid - entry level Xperia. Would be nice to be proven wrong but....
z1 xperia works with Koodo or not
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Eider Delcastillo wrote:

z1 xperia works with Koodo or not

If it matches the frequencies of Koodo, it should.