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Sony Xperia SP update

Hi, I have an unlocked Sony Xperia SP which I've been using with Koodo since February. After 2 weeks of activating it on your network it prompted me to update to the latest firmware (12.1.A.0.266), which I did. However this update basically rendered my phone useless (reboots whenever it wants to, on/off button NEVER works, GPS works sometimes...). Sony announced in May that a new update was being released in order to fix these numerous bugs (12.1.A.1.205). Do you know if and when this will be available? Thanks!

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Hey Noemie, Koodo doesn't support Sony phones/products and as such cannot help you, they don't know when you'll get an update.In fact, you will have to manually download any updates from the Sony website as Koodo doesn't support Sony and visversa. I suggest you contact Sony and ask them when the update will be available and how you can get it on your unlocked phone.
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There are a few ways to find out when an update will be available. The first is to check Sony's website (link below). Second, check for over-the-air updates on the phone itself (Settings > About phone > Software update). Third, using Sony's PC Companion software. 12.1.A.1.205 has been available since June 10, 2014. In this instance, Koodo doesn't control or support the firmware update process because they've never sold a Sony product. http://www.sonymobile.com/ca-en/software/phones/xperia-sp/
Thanks guys! I've been checking via Sony's PC Companion every week and nothing yet. Thanks for your help 🙂