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Songza streaming issue

Songza won't stream properly on my Nexus 5. It seems to work fine on other networks on my phone (such as Rogers) or over WIFI. Apart from Songza, data seems to be fine on my phone. Anyone know how to fix the issue?

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Have you tried downloading the speedtest.net app and running speed tests over your WiFi and Data connection? I'd be interested in seeing if there is a difference in the connections.
I have. I'm getting LTE and did the tests in a few spots. On average I'm getting 8mbps to 20mbps download. So there shouldn't be an issue with songza streaming.
Agreed, there really shouldn't be any issues, especially since I get 10Mbps download over Wifi normally and don't have any problems. But I have noticed it takes longer to get a buffer on the stream over LTE/4G...so I'm not sure what the issue might be. Could be how the connection routes through to their servers in contrast to how your wifi routes there. I think only a tracert on both connections would answer that issue.
I'm having the exact same problem. Anyone able to stream songza with koodo?
same here, used to work with Rogers
I don't have any problems streaming Sonza over 4G, but it is definately slower to buffer than over WiFi at home
I just set my Nexus 5 (4.2.2) to 3G and it works fine. Problem with Songza using LTE network it seems.
Same issue here (Saskatchwan). Perhaps TELUS (i.e., Koodo) is throttling this service over 4G/LTE). Also, it's worth noting that TELUS uses SaskTels's network. WiFi and 3G working fine.
I doubt it's a throttling issue Robert, but I can't say for sure.
I think it's a Songza/ Nexus5 (4.2.2) issue. Sometimes 3G goes choppy if you advance to the next song. Turning off/on the data seems to cure it. With Xbmc, playback audio can crackle if hardware/ software is not set properly in external player. I don't think its a Koodo problem as other programs stream ok.
Hey its fixed now. My nexus 5 on koodo is streaming like it should over lte
Same here. Thanks, whoever fixed this!