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Something that I'd like to understanding

When I bought my Koodo chip, I told to the seller that I could not sign a plan because I would go back to my country in less than 2 years, then the seller told me that I could have a prepaid plan.

By the way, in the Koodo Forum, I asked the assistant What do I do with my Koodo Chip if I go back to my country? I asked if I would have to call or send an email telling that we were going back to our country. The assistant told me: You just have to stop using, and I did exactly that, I STOPPED USING.

I bought a Koodo chip and I paid month to month until April 2018 because I left Canada on May 9th, 2018.

I would like to know why the Koodo Mobile has been sending me e-mail charging me payments. I stopped using the Koodo Chip on May 9th, I don't understand why Koodo insists in send me an e-mail charging me to pay something that I didn't use.

I'm waiting for an answer.


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Are you a prepaid customer? did you remove the pre-authorized payment when you left Canada? If you did, you don't have to worry. If you didn't then the system would charge you as you "preauthorized it" to do so.

If you are a postpaid (monthly), did you contact Koodo directly to cancel your plan? did you have a proof of the cancellation (email)