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Someone hacked my phone number

I keep getting phone calls from people saying I called them, but I never called any of them. All of the phone calls have started with the same 3 digits as my phone number. This is happening on both phones I have with you.

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Honestly I don't think there's anything Koodo could do to help you get this to stop but I would recommend changing both of your phone numbers, the password to your self serve account, and getting two new sim cards asap. All of which you can do through self serve. Keep an eye on your useage also and if you notice anything strange call koodo and get it straightened out right away.
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Be lucky you're not this guy...unless it is happening to you: http://www.thestar.com/business/2013/07/12/appliance_repairman_falls_victim_to_apparent_number_spoofing_roseman.html