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So I just read htc will repair my HTC one x + for no cost who do I bring this too

I was looking to see how much it would be to replace my HTC screen and it came up with htcs Web page and an article saying their are certain screens they will replace for free and I have one of the phones selected and I'm within all the requirements

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If its a broken screen due to physical damage, it won't be replaced for free now. Anyways, to send it in you have to swnd it in through Koodo. So go to a Koodo store/kiosk to send it in. If HTC will replce your screen for free they will, otherwise you'll be called and given a nice quote on how much it would be to fix.

Also make sure you weren't looking at the US site. I doubt you'll get your screen replaced for free. EDIT: Okay I just googled. First of all its a US program. Second of all its for the HTC M9 and any later phones created. Sorry, you will NOT get your screen replaced for free.
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Yeah Ahmad is correct it is a US Only program that's called oh oh protection now and it came out with the M8 and M9