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SMS Send Issue - Prepaid (HTC Desire 320)

Hello, I'll try to be as descriptive as possible for this issue.

My brother's phone is an HTC Desire 320 and is with Koodo.
I currently have an LG G2 that is also with Koodo (not important right now, just for reference).

Here are the issues.  As of about an hour ago and continuing, SMS could not be sent at all on the HTC Desire 320.
It would fail consistently with both Textra and stock messenger.  I have already tried a battery and SIM pull, and it did nothing.  Also tried many things in the "networks" section of options.
His base plan is active, but I see that the Prepaid service site is currently under construction and am unsure if that is contributing to the issue.

Now, here is where it gets odd.
His phone CANNOT send SMS, but can receive. It can SEND MMS, but not receive (constant problem with Koodo).  It can also DIAL OUT and MAKE/RECEIVE CALLS.  I'm not sure how exactly this SMS problem is happening when obviously a network and data connection are present.

To note, my LG G2 with Koodo has been fine all day with none of these issues.

I'm at my end with Koodo.  If any staff can assist with this issue, please and thank you.

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Has his phone ever worked properly on Koodo?
For nearly a year now, yes.  Issues of this severity only started happening tonight.
MMS receiving was spotty at best for as long as I can remember. 
Can't explain why it's happening.

[b]EDIT: And for goodness sake, it's a phone offered by Koodo!
There's no reason why this should be happening when other services are working.
SMS causing problems, of all things.
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Hey Aaron! Is your brother still having issues with the SMS? If all other services are working fine, then it might be a device issue. To be 100% sure, take the SIM card from the HTC and put it in your LG G2 (both use a Micro SIM). If his text messages go through on your phone, its a device issue. If he is still within his first year, he'll be able to send his phone to repair through a Koodo kiosk http://koo.do/1YM8LhV. If the SMS still do not work, then its either a SIM or a network issue, and for that I would suggest calling in to tech support (*611 option 6 from his phone) and they will do more troubleshooting. Keep us posted!