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Smaller High End Android Phones

Koodo should have the Motorola Droid Mini or the Moto x in stock. Koodo does not have any high end phones that are somewhat small (the Galaxy S4 Mini has a pixel density of my 2010 LG Quantum, and no offense but that's pretty pathetic). By bringing in the Droid Mini or the Moto X, Koodo will be finally adding a phone with high end specs that appeals to people who prefer compact and smaller phones as opposed to the huge 5 inch chocolate bars. Oh and those are just a few phones that have high end specs and are small By high end, I mean at least duo core processor, min 16gb storage if there is no expandable micro SD slot, at least 8 MP front facing camera, and a pixel density greater than 300. Oh yeah and the width of the phone should be less than 66mm

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The DROID series is a verizon exclusive, they're are verizons phones Motorola created for them so there's no way you'll see DROID mini at Koodo or anywhere in Canada. You can buy the Moto X straight from Motorola for only like $350 so your better off just paying full price and bringing the phone to Koodo, then you can get the 10‰ SIM ONLY Discount as well.
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Ivan also suggested bringing in the Z1 compact but they said they have no plans to do so at this time (plus its not even distributed in North America right now anyway). You're better off looking at ebay or other import sites to get your hands on a small good phone.
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Hi Daniel, thanks for your feedback. Although we may not be bringing the ones you've suggested, I'll share the idea that we need smaller high end Android phones.