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slow as molasses

why is my phone slow. it takes forever to do anything. i did a batery pull I turn it off often, cleaned up all my pictures and deleted almost all apps. what next?

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What phone do you have? Make and model please Thanks
You might need to do a system reset. Going to need the make and model of the phone.
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did you take your sim card out too? cleared your cache in your apps and browser? depending on your phone model, do you have an antivirus? do you kill your apps or have a task manager? if nothing works then a factory reset or software reflash may be needed. 😞
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Is your phone a low end phone and is it old? Give us details and maybe we can help!
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Use a cache cleaner and or RAM booster on low end Android devices to help it keep running smoothly. You can download them from the PlayStore and run them once or twice a day or so, or as often as you need it's really dependent on how much you use your phone. Also make sure your closing apps by removing them from your recent apps list. Hold the hoke button until the list comes up then swipe apps away to close. Here's a free booster or you can get the paid version if it helps, the paid version has more options to boost further and set it to auto boost. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=imoblife.memorybooster.lite Here's a cache cleaner https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.infolife.cache This works well as well https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cleanmaster.mguard
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You can root the device, (voids warranty, but is completely reversible) ditch all the carrier/manufacturer bloatware, remove 'some' system apps and move files to the SD card. The end result is a significant improvement in performance for some lower end devices. Whichever device that may be... Buy a larger capacity microSDHC memory card, most Android devices can handle up to 32 GB. This will allow you to move pictures, apps and music, while freeing up internal storage. Class 6 cards are recommended, although class 10 cards are available. Choose a reputable brand; Kingston, Lexar or Transcend.