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Slow and wonky Note 2

My Samsung Note 2 has been acting slowly the past couple of days. This morning I got a whole bunch of error messages saying things had stopped working (like: OMACP, Outlook, etc...) Thoughts on how to fix this?

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Go through and clean out any apps you don't use. Backup any and all mms/sms messages and then delete the cache and data from the messaging app. You may also want to dump your photo storage to a cloud storage service. Worst case scenario, factory reset then install only the essential apps you use daily Or Sell that thing and upgrade.
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A restore of the phone usually start things as new and fresh. Try that but make sure you backup everything before! → http://help.spark.co.nz/app/answers/detail/a_id/30512/~/restore-device-to-factory-settings---samsung-galaxy-note-ii
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I gave a new life to my Note II with custom rom. It will void your warranty and only do it if you know how or ask someone who knows how to do that.