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Sim unlock

  • 21 July 2017
  • 2 replies

I got a new Koodo LG G5 to replace my LG G3 three weeks ago. The new G5 cannot be unlocked for 90 days. Therefore, the Koodo rep told me to use my G3 in Croatia to insert a SIM card and get service. My G3 was already unlocked from a trip to the UK in 2015. However, when I arrived in Zagreb and inserted the SIM card it requires an unlock PIN. I cannot find an unlock PIN. Help! How do I unlock my phone to access the network?

2 replies

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Is it asking for a pin to unlock the sim (puk) or is it asking for a network unlock code? If it's asking for a PUK you'll need to contact the carrier the sim is locked to to get the code. It may also be printed on the card the sim came on.
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Also yes you can get your G5 unlocked, just not via Koodo. They charge 50 but it's much cheaper via third party options (only exception being iPhones are cheaper via carriers). I personally use cheap + good feedback stores on ebay but there's also many individual sites people have named on the forum here.