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Sim card showing an exclamation point - no service

I  had turned my phone off for a week.  When I turned it on again all my settings and apps had gone and the sim card icon has an exclamation mark next to it.  I have removed and reinstalled the sim, restarted the phone etc. without result. Any answers please?

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Hi Peter,

What is your account's status? Is it active? Or did you perhaps forget to repay for the base plan?
Hi Mathieu,

Yes, my account is active and fully paid.  I fiddled with the phone again and I now have service and the exclamation mark has gone from the sim.  However, it still looks like the phone did a factory reset and I have lost all my settings.
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Sounds odd! Did you previously back up your phone? If so, you can restore your settings from your last backup. Hope this helps 🙂