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SIM card problem

so im getting a new phone is the ASUS zenfone 2 and the SIM card requires an micro size SIM but my old phone iphone 5s requeires an neon size SIM but the fact is i dont want to change my old number i know you can cut the card smaller but is there any way to make the sim card bigger so i can keep using my number on the new phone thanks guys

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So you do have some options easiest is to get a new sim card (5$-20$) an transfer your service to it through self serve for free. I do this all time. Just as easy but not recommended by myself is a sim adapter. I like the plastic ones with the sim card slot cut just to hold the sim somewhat tightly. I don't like these only because if they break, they can damage your phone.
so you find a local store and just do it???

and btw thank you so much that helped alot!
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Yeah they can do it fo you at a store too but they might charge you a fee to transfer it for you. You can do it yourself online for free.
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Hey Steven,

Just for future reference and anyone looking at this topic in the future. Cutting down your SIM card is never recommended. Putting in a cut down SIM card in your phone voids the warranty of the phone. So does using an adapter that Chad mentioned above. If you are outside of your warranty and don't worry about damaging your phone, then there's nothing stopping you but there are always chances to damage the phone. The safest option and less costly option in the long run is just buying a brand new SIM card from Koodo. The monthly SIM cards are just 5$.