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sim card changing

If I change my Sim card to a new phone and my contacts don't come to the new phone will the contacts come back if I put the simcard in the old phone again

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The contacts are on the original phone and will always be unless you delete them.
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This may be a great opportunity for you to create and use an online email account to sync your contacts too. Storing them on the SIM is kinda antiquated these days. My favorite is Gmail because its very in depth and allows you to customize fields. The major advantage is that most phones support contact storage and syncing this way, so when you change phones in the future it's all neatly downloaded to your device just by logging into your email. Enjoy your new phone.
If the contacts don't come is there another way to get them to come
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You can take them to a Koodo store and have them transfer them, or you can do what Chad suggested. If neither of those work you're unfortunately out of luck.