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signal has been dropping lately

im on the same phone, living in the same house, visiting the same areas of the city.... but ive noticed lately my signal often drops to only 2 bars... months ago 3 or 4, but sometimes 5 bars wasnt unusual. but now the only way to boost the signal is to airplane mode it for a minute, but even that doesnt seem to last. Whats going on?? anyone else notice this? 

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Hi Melanie,

Please try the following steps to get your phone up and running like it should.

1)     Turn the phone off; Remove the SIM card from the device as well as the battery (if the phone has a removable battery). Let it sit for a few minutes and then re-assemble the device, power it on and see if it works. If not, continue reading!

2)     Verify if the phone has any available updates, sometimes there might be a bug that causes this kind of issue that is fixed in an update. If it is still not working, keep reading!

3)     This step is one of the less favourable steps and it is a factory reset on the device. Doing a factory reset can help resolve little glitches that the phone may have now. Doing this though will result in you loosing all data on your phone, except any data on an external memory card (with the exception of apps, apps will be lost regardless where they are stored). Hopefully, after a factory reset your device will work. If it is not, move on to the next step. 4)     At this point you are going to want to contact Koodo for further troubleshooting steps that surpass our expertise here on the Koodo community, they may try to get you to try another SIM card or be able to send your phone to get repaired (if it is still under warranty with no obvious accidental damage, it will most likely be free. If it is not under warranty, they will send it off and you will get a quote which you can choose to refuse and not be charged for anything.). To contact Koodo at this point, do not use your mobile phone, use a different phone using the number: 1-866-955-6636 

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Quick solution that works 85% of the time - power cycle (as long as you can remove your battery). Turn your phone off, remove your battery and SIM card for 90 seconds, put them back in, and plug your phone back in.
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If nothing mentioned above seems to make a difference in your bars, read this: If you're using LTE for data, you'll notice that it won't have as strong as a signal as just regular 3G and will sometimes show less bars. When you make a voice call, it will actually switch it through the 3G network and not LTE (yet), and if the LTE signal is too weak while you're browsing, it will also fall back on 3G. Go into your cellular network settings and change it from LTE/WCDMA/GSM to just WCDMA/GSM and notice the difference in signal. You don't really have to worry about it that much. It's actually kind of normal.
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If the option 'WCDMA only' or 'WCDMA preferred' is listed in network mode , select that instead. Koodo doesn't operate on a GSM network. This will save the phone from scanning for a non-existent network, thus saving battery power. On most Android devices, network mode is accessed through Settings > Mobile data - tap Network mode.