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Sibley bird app icon disappeared

Downloaded the Sibley bird app on to my new LG Nexus phone but icon has disappeared from both front screen and apps folder and I can't open the app - any ideas please. The app is still on the phone in the app folder in 'Settings' many thanks

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Sounds like it's been hidden or disabled. Go to Settings > Apps > All. Select the app to go to its info page. Make sure it's enabled/not hidden.
Hi Jonathan, Many thanks, am on info page it shows picture of app with all the data specs etc but can't see anywhere where it says enabled or hidden. Mel
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You may want to send an email to support: http://www.mydigitalearth.com/mde/digital/Contact/tabid/119/Default.aspx they will be able to better assist you with this issue. I was going to suggest re-installing the app, but the author cautions; "Uninstalling/re-installing the program will result in the loss of your list, it is recommended that you keep your own backup (master list) separate from the application. (Application provides backup/restore functionality in "My List" page)". Here's a link for frequently asked questions which may help. http://www.mydigitalearth.com/mde/digital/FAQ/tabid/132/Default.aspx