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I say you should credit the customers who's phones are not working due to ur tech difficulty and credit them some air time or data to show you vauled us as a customer and for us cooperating with the problem getting fixed

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When U say quote: "ur tech difficulty " does it mean you called Koodo Technical Support and they could not solve your Technical problem?, or, are you referring to Koodo Network problem?
I Mean As In Koodo Network Sorry
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Missy wrote:

I Mean As In Koodo Network Sorry

Whenever it's announced by Koodo that it's a general outage that is affecting bunch of customers, Koodo usually does not credit customers for the time it took to get it resolved, it's out of Koodo's hand, it may be natural disaster like flooding, bad weather, damaged tower etc..
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If anything, Koodo is only crediting the financial aspect of an account. Koodo is unable to credit minutes or data. No company can do that as far as I know.