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Should I buy the Moto X Play instead of the S5????????

Decisions buying New phone? ????

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I found the S5 to be surprisingly slow / laggyfor a flagship device. Compared to the Moto x which is snappy and had a beautiful 5.5 inch display. Even though the processor specs on the S5 are better, the Moto X performed better for me in day to day use. Plus the Moto X version of Android is very pure compared to the heavy touchwiz ui you'll find on the S5. There's not a lot of things you'll never use baked into the Moto X but with the S5 there are.
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The only thing that is better on the S5 is probably the display tech (Super AMOLED). Otherwise you should get the Moto X Play instead. And it's cheaper.
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Samsung aren't what they used to be stay away
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John Zarubiak wrote:

Samsung aren't what they used to be stay away

Are you kidding John, the S6 / S6 Edge is the best phone on the market right now, I've had many Samsung devices over the years and they've been pretty good but they knocked it out of the park with the S6/S6 Edge, so much I could care less about there not being expandable storage or a removable battery. Who would you say is better in your opinion?

Anyways Jonathan (OP) I'd recommend the X Play over the S5, it's better in nearly every way IMO and actually so good I don't mind using it when my S6 Edge is charging and even pick it up instead of my S6 Edge alot of times because of how big and bright the display is, it's awesome for watching video on.