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Shock free stops 25MB short of limit

I'm on a 500MB shockfree plan. I received the notification SMS, all as expected.
However, the data finally stopped at 475MB consumption, so it seems like 475MB is considered like 100%.

I checked this on the Self serve app, and it told me that only 475 MB has been consumed.

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There's a buffer and a little lag in updating the info in self serve so give it a little and it will probably end up showing the full amount on self serve. Are you using the self serve app or self serve through the web and have you checked both, are both showing the same amount used?
It was exactly 475 MB, on both website and mobile app.
This was in my last billing cycle, I will test it again at the end of the current one.

Since it was exactly 475 MB I assume that this is intentional behavior, which I find hard to understand. The shock free limit should be in place once the FULL amount is used.
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Hey! I see that you received a data notification text once you reached 50% and 90% of your limit, but no other text messages were sent. A text message is sent to the customer once they reach 100%, blocks the service then and then gives the customer a few options to purchase data. Are you sure that the data was blocked by Koodo and not accidentally from your phone? Keep us posted 🙂!
My Bad, it was my phone blocking the data. Shock free works as promised. Cheers