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Shock free?? 50 bucks a GB is kinda shocking!

I have an ooooold plan from Koodo way back in the day when you guys used to be cool. I get 2 gigs of data and then my overages are $5 per half a gig making one gigabyte of data cost $10 your new shock free plan costs $50 a gigabyte if you go over and the shock free part is still included in my old plan because you give me text messages when I'm at 50 and 90% I don't see where the value-added is because Koodo just automatically shuts my data off for me when I reach my limit I'd rather have the data then be cut off and have to wait a week two weeks however long until my new billing cycle starts. I feel like it's a cash grab and I'm happy that I read the fine print before I changed my plan. 5 gigs of data still only ends up costing me an extra thirty bucks for going over my 2 gigs that would be $100 on your new plan. My idea is this... Offer an affordable plan with unlimited everything like T-Mobile in the states $50 a month unlimited f****** everything

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Apples and oranges. USA has 10x the population of Canada so US carriers can spread out their costs and revenues among many more users. Also, if you read the fine print, they limit streaming to 480p and tethering to 3G speeds.
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I am not with T-Mobile because their covrage is ridiculous. But I am with Cricket (aka AT&T). I have unlimited everything and there is no reduction of speed in any way, just LTE, period. Il is true that US population is higher than in Canada, but in Canada the concentration of the population is in the South of the country anf the quality of coverage is still disputable . Telus likes to show those nice maps with predominant coverage LTE but good luck with that. In summer I live in BC. in one of those LTE coveted areas and I am lucky if I get internet AT ALL. It is time to give up with the story of the poor Canadian providers with so many costs and not enough revenues. The truth is that Canadian providers are greedy and are protected by institutions that do not allow other providers, other than Canadian, to get into the market.
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Cricket speeds are capped at 8Mbps for LTE and 4Mbps for 4G, not worth $70US in my opinion, even if the data is unlimited. Telus does not throttle speeds for Koodo and Public Mobile customers. The original poster is paying $60 for a 2GB plan but recently could have gotten 4GB (or 6GB) for $5 more thanks to recent specials on Black Friday and Boxing Day.
I have never had an issue with myself LTE or coverage. (Only one with coverage when I went camping this summer... Bell, & Rogers phones on that trip had no bars... But could use my tethering albeit I did only get 3g.) Even if I had 6GB every month, I know eventually I works have an overage. My point was only that koodo is gouging on overages now and calling it shock free 0 $5/100MB is ridiculous. I'm glad I pay around 75-85 a month with overagess. $25 is the most I've ever paid in overagess and that was for going just a fewMB over 4.5GB were I on the plan I almost switched to my 80 dollar bill would have been over a hundred. That's shocking to me. If I had 100Gb I'd still find a way to go over.Overages used to be affordable. You want to be shock free the only way is UNLIMITED