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Shitty Update for Galaxy Hercules

after long wait, just shame in name of new update phone more look like kids toy, cant connect to home wifi

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How does this relate to Koodo?
just informing mate
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just informing mateIn future, please direct your comments to the people who actually develop the software, Koodo has nothing to do with the development of Android software they simply distribute the software.
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Informing of what? You've mentioned a phone that Koodo does not carry about it being garbage. So how does a phone, that Koodo does not carry, have anything to do with Koodo?
kid r u new to phones or what Hercules is s2x
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So then call it the s2x. Not everyone knows the code name for it. So for you, the phone was garbage. That doesn't mean every s2x is garbage.
dont worry you'll get it someday, still long way to maturity
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dont worry you'll get it someday, still long way to maturityGuess the same can be said about you, show a little respect or leave.
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Well I'm aiming to get the Galaxy S3.
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You should be able to connect to your wifi just as before. You may need to re pair your phone with your router, especially if you use push button WPS.
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Please refrain from using inappropriate words in your title as this is an unrestricted forum, minors are able to view it.
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Where is MarcusF? He would have a hayday with this thread 😛