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Shipping time estimate?

I know that Koodo must be swamped with orders due to Black Friday but I was hoping to get a general indication of current shipping times. I ordered my new phone (Moto Z Play) on Nov. 29th. I live in downtown Toronto.

I don't mind waiting for my new phone but I would like to have some indication of how long that wait will be. A couple more days? A couple of weeks? My current phone contract (with a different carrier) will be automatically renewed in just a few days and I would like to be able to cancel it before I pay for another month but not if I will be without a phone for an extended period of time. Could I get an estimate on timing? Thanks!

(Order number:  HFO16726510) 

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Hello Jennie I would say a few more days. Someone on the community will check that for you. Hang on
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Hi Jennie - I see that you order was received on Nov. 29 and is in the queue - just stuck within the backlog, as you acknowledged. Unfortunately I don't have a concrete timeline I can share with you, but once the order is ready to ship you will receive an email with tracking information.

With regards to cancelling your current rate plan - if you're looking to keep your number and port it over to Koodo once you get your phone, do not cancel. Once you initiate the port, this will be taken care of for you by us and you will get your final bill from your current provider.