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Setting up new Huawei P40 - App store verification code error

  • 16 February 2021
  • 2 replies

Hey all,


I just received my new phone and am trying to access the app gallery, and it is asking me to register. It asks for email and phone number. I entered my phone number and requested a verification code be sent to me, but I’m not receive one. I requested to have it resent a few times - and still nothing.


Has anyone experienced this, and if so - do you know how to solve this issue?





2 replies

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Why would the Gallery app ask you for email an verification code? are you sure it's the good application?

You may have set up an SMS blocklist on your phone. Please check it is true. If so, remove the number in question from the blocklist

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Huawei’s AppGallery is similar to that of Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store where a unique Huawei ID must be created in order to take advantage of Huawei’s exclusive services, including Huawei AppGallery, Cloud, Health along with Huawei’s continually expanding app library. 

“Your HUAWEI ID is linked to your phone number and/or email address, which is required for general login purposes, as well as the occasional verification step, or even password reset. Therefore it's pretty important to be able to update your HUAWEI ID info quickly on your own. It will only take a couple of easy steps”.