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Set up data HTC One M8

I have an HTC One I bought online from a different country. I used to have Fido on it and I just got a Kodoo plan. However, my data is not working. I went through the APN settings and I set them as recommended. Did anyone have this problem? Does anyone know what to do?

I went through similar topics in the community but none seemed to help.

For sake of completeness, this is my current APN settings (it is the only APN I have):

[b]Name: Kodoo Mobile
[b]APN: sp.kodoo.com
[b]Proxy: Not set
[b]Port: Not set
[b]Username: Not set
[b]Password: Not set
[b]Server: Not set
[b]MMSC: http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/kodoo/mmsc
[b]MMS proxy:
[b]MMS port: 80
[b]MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
[b]MCC: 302
[b]MNC: 220
[b]Authentication type: Not set
[b]APN type: Not set
[b]APN enable/disable: On
[b]Bearer: Unspecified

Any help is appreciated,


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Can you check that in network selection mode you have wcdma/lte checked off? Did you restart your phone and reseat your sim card? Did you just port over?