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Set my apn, data is now on, but picture messages still dont work

I have a note 5 by Samsung and it's an American phone but I am in Canada. I have already set my koodo APN and my data is now working. However,  no matter what I do, because I have tried to reset the apn for pictures but it shut my data off and no pictures would send either. So I have it back on the first son and the data is good again. I'm wondering if it's because this phone is 3g not 4g? Because I definitely have picture messaging included in my plan. 

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The note 5 does have lte. That wouldn't be it anyways even if it didn't.


What are he xact APN settings that ou used? Sometimes one or two settings are missing. I've had issues with Samsung devices before of a similar sort.



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Try adding 80 for mms port

Ok will try that and update with answer