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"Service Provider Locked"

  • 14 August 2013
  • 2 replies

Okay, so I'm trying to connect my phone (an LG Optimus Logic, or LGL35G) to Koodo. I have the unlock codes for the actual phone, the NCK, and the SPCK. With the original SIM in, when I dial 2945#*35#, it comes up with one option, "Network Lock". I tap it, and it comes up with a screen that says "Your phone is not personalized", and only one button that says dismiss. I have a SIM that I bought brand new, and I activated with Koodo Prepaid. When I put this SIM into the phone, it says "Service Provider Locked". When I try dialing the same thing as before to pull up the unlock SIM menu, I get the exact same "Your phone is not personalized". Any chance someone could help me with this? PLEASE?

2 replies

Sounds like your phone is still locked to it's original network provider.
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You restarted the phone?