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service issues?

Hey so I just switched my phone from an iphone 5c to a samsung 4s. I used to use the samsung before with koodo and it worked fine but was offered an iphone 5c and tried it. didnt like it so i switched back yesterday. every since switching back I have had very minimal service. It was literally fine with the iphone 2 days ago and now I can't get anything! 

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What is your current phone? Galaxy S4? iPhone 5c uses Nano-SIM while S4 uses Micro-SIM. So do you have two separate SIMs?
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Hi Amanda,

What is not working and was is working? Calling? Texting? Data?
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Did you put the nano SIM in the S4's micro SIM slot? It could be an unstable connection because it's too small for the pins to stay in contact properly. You may need to get an adapter or a new SIM card altogether.
no i purchased a new sim card for the samsung and my texting and calling has not ben working. I called koodo and they suggested taking it in and getting a new sim which i did but the signal still is very shady as soon as I get home, even tho it never was before.