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Sending photos via text

  • 23 September 2014
  • 1 reply

My package with Koodo provides a minimal amount data. As such, I typically keep it turned off until I specifically need it, preferring to access wifi for most activities. This works well for my needs most of the time. But I have discovered that even when in a wifi environment, if I wish to send a photo via text I must turn my data on to make this happen. It also seems that I have to have my data on to open a photo that is sent to me via text, again when in a wifi environment. I fully appreciate the need to have data turned on to send and receive photos when outside wifi, however I would like to see a change that would allow me to send and receive photos via text when I am connected to wifi.

1 reply

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Hi Margaret, What Koodo plan are you on? Most of the current plans include unlimited texts which include picture messaging (MMS). Are you receiving the messages through a data-centric chat app like Whatsapp or iMessage?