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Boost the towers at border cities, cus we have to outside the town house, halfway down the driveway to send a message
Feelin cold in Sault Ste. Marie ON

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I don't think Koodo has much say in "Tower Power".
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Koodo has a lot of control over tower power, however there are complications when dealing with borders. The US carriers have the authority from the FCC to transmit higher power than Canadian carriers. That said, the border has been a perverbial "neutral zone" because if the can carrier raised power, causing the US devices to roam, then they will just turn up their power and the situation will be worse. There are border protection sites facing into the country to strengthen the Canadian signal. For the most part, the issue is a radio signal issue and everything that can be done has been.
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Jack, Thanks for expanding the issue. I especially agree with your last sentence.