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send a picture in a sms

Im trying to send a sms with a picture, its just writting "sends current" since like 1hour, how long does its take to send a small picture of 600kb ?

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1. What kind of phone are you using? 2. Is the data turned on in said phone? 3. Do you have a data block on the account? It SHOULD only take a few seconds to send a picture, if not right away. That is assuming you have data on, no block.
1.I have an Android LG P500H 2. I don't know 3. I don't know
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Sébastien Rodriguez wrote:

1.I have an Android LG P500H 2. I don't know 3. I don't know

OK. well here is the direction to at least check if data is on Settings> Wireless and Networks> Mobile Networks> Data Enable. Make sure there is a check mark beside that last option. if there is already, there might be a data block on the line which you might be able to check in self serve. if not, then call koodo to have it removed. If there is a check mark, no data block..with the phone on, take the battery and sim card out for about 1 minute. put em back in and power it up. If you are using Wifi on your phone to send pictures, that will not work.
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Can you use internet when you're not connected to Wifi. If no then you either have data turned off or blocked, which disables MMS (pictures/videos through SMS)
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Keep in mind that you won't be charged for data used from sending pictures however anything you have open that refreshes like Facebook or if you have widgets on your home screen that refresh they will connect as soon as data is turned on & you will increase data charges from this. So close or sign out of all open accounts. If you never want to use the Internet but want to send pictures you can clear the proxy & port from your APN settings for the Internet only & this will allow you to send pictures but not use any internet till you replace those settings.