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I can log into the self serve on my phone on the internet but I can't log onto the app its not saying that the password or username is incorrect I have tryed uninstalling then installing it and that dident work I have also tryed to change the email that dident work eather I have also tryed changing the password that dident work eather plz help every time I try to log in and it doesn't work its ushley after 12 so there closed I have been trying for about 3 weeks now with nothing.

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Are you on prepaid? The self serve app does not work for prepaid
No month to month
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Not much more I can think of outside of uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
Ya I have tryed that 2 times
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Ok, but what error message, if any are you getting? If the app is not saying the username or password is incorrect what happens when click on "login"?
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Has it EVER worked? Can you sign in from a computer?