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Self serve Monthly. e bill problem

Self serve Monthly. i've tried so many times to set up my account. But every time it says something like "we sent you a verification email" that email NEVER shows up. and the mobile app doesn't work at all. I cannot pay by bill. Man I've never had to try so hard to give someone my money.

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Check your spam folder in your email client. If it's not the or any other folder then you'll have to give Koodo customer servicea call and they'll be able to get the issue resolved quickly and easily.
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When you talk to customer service, make sure that the rep stays on the line while you are setting it up, just in case other problems crop up after you get the email. Once you set up your selrf serve account, log out and log back in again - the reason being is that maybe the program takes you in once and will not again, by logging out and logging back in, then you know it is not a mistake and you will be able to log in whenever you like.