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self serve doesnt reconize my phone number or email address

i bought a prepaid time to put on my htc cell phone and aftewr i put the pin number it says it cant help me,so i went back to a koodo store and they tryed it and said theres something wrong with the pin code i bought,so i got my money back and bought another pin number and tryed it again,again it didnt work,i didnt have my phone working since sept,26/15,thjats not very long,you didnt cancel my prepaid contractb already did you,i know with chatr i had a full 12 months.help me before i change cell phone prepaid services..

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You have to top-up once every 90 days at least in order to keep your account active. How are you trying to top up? Log into self-serve and top up from there. You set this up when you signed up for prepaid so there is no question of whether or not you have a self-serve account
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Make sure you are logging in using the prepaid self serve and not the monthly customer self-serve.
The monthly one wont recognize your number or your email.
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Hey Ron! Were you able to log in and top-up? Keep us posted!