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Selective call-receiving....

My phone has been selectively receiving calls for over a year now. At first I thought it was only a problem with receiving calls from the Vancouver Police Department. It has now been brought to my attention that my university is unable to reach me by phone, my fitness center is unable to reach me, and some {not all} of my friends with Vancouver cell phone numbers can not reach me via phone call. EVERY time they call it just rings non-stop despite me having voicemail and call waiting. I have a Fraser Valley number, but many other Vancouver numbers have no issue contacting me. I keep my phone number as from Fraser Valley for both convenience and because my family and permenant address is there. It would be preferable not to change my number. Does any one have any possible solutions? I can't wait for an agent on the phone for the next few days so any advice is welcome in the meantime. Oh, also this issue has persisted over three different phones - 2 samsung galaxy s4's and my current moto x play (both androids).

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Have you used the same sim between all those phones?
My first guess is faulty sim card.
Second, if you brought all your settings with you between those phones you might have accidentally added some numbers to your auto reject list.
But im gonna go with first guess.
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Hey Osha! That is a very strange situation indeed. I would have to agree with Mitchell and guess that it is probably a SIM issue if you have indeed been using the same one in between all of your phones. Your best bet would really be to contact our technical support team. They can be reached at *611 from your Koodo device or at 1-866-995-6636 option 6 from any other phone. Keep us posted!