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Secure self serve app with PIN

The password requirements are decent for logging into Kodoo and your self serve app on the phone, however its annoying to type in all the time on the phone. It would be nice if it could remember the complex password (Like it can now), but then have the ability to enable a short pin to get into the app on your phone after the initial login. Like a 4-8 digit password. That way you don't have to enter a complicated password every time but still have a decent security measure to keep random people from messing with your account.

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There is a "remember me" button on the app so you wouldn't have to enter anything. Just lock your phone, that's enough of a security.
I would still prefer to have a different code than my phone unlock.
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But wouldn't a 4-6 digit pin be more insecure than putting the id and the password?
Yes, that's why it would be a option, not a requirement.
Even better would be to use TouchID for those devices that support it.