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SD storage on Galaxy Ace 2 issues?

I am just wondering why I can seem to save things to my SD card on my Galaxy Ace 2. I only have a bit of stuff on it (which I think is still old stuff saved from my old phone before I switched to this one) and I never have the option of putting apps on my SD card. my phone storage is almost up and i'm sick of having to delete pics or apps just to save new stuff. Am I don't something wrong or have a setting set up differently that it should be? #nocluewhatimdoing

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They've removed the option to save apps and such to the SD card. Now only your personal stuff like music and pics and downloaded attachments can be saved on the external card. Check the settings in your camera to be sure you're saving to SD card. Also get a drop box account which will upload your pics to Dropbox any time you're on a wifi connection automatically. That way you can delete older pics and videos.
Thanks Chad! I really feel like nothing is getting saved there at all. I've deleted so many apps that I only used lightly and photos I didn't think i would need anymore and I still only have a smidgen of space left. (284MB left from 1.78GB when I check storage on my settings) and When I check task manager it says 1.51GB used out of 1.78. Anyways, I'm going to go check all my settings in my camera and other photo editing apps etc... thanks!
i feel like such a dope- my dumb camera setting was on save to phone and not SD. :S Now its switched. lol.